How to stay focussed at work

Published by MAXSolutions on August 30, 2020
stay focussed at work

In this increasingly fast-paced and interconnected world, we are bombarded daily by information. This can make it hard to concentrate, whether it be at home with loved ones or trying to stay focussed at work. Thankfully, there are many simple ways to improve your cognitive skills to help you maintain attention and stay on task.



There are plenty of small things you can do to help make your day more productive. Knowing how to stay focussed at work isn’t magic, it just requires a bit of discipline and the development of some work-related skills:

  • Plan ahead and stick to a schedule: Work out what your whole week looks like. Make sure you include things that are happening outside of your job, so you get a clear picture of what needs to get done. Try to stick to it as best as you can.
  • Prioritize Tasks: Whether it’s a big project, a deep cleaning or an annual inspection. Whatever your career, these out of the ordinary tasks can throw your schedule out of whack. Make sure when you break up your day you aren’t leaving these jobs till the last minute and you tackle the things that need to get done first.
  • Make a to do list: when you break up your day into manageable chunks it drastically helps your perspective and helps you stay focussed at work. Every time you tick a task off of your list it gives you a little bit more momentum.


Watch what you eat

Ditching the late afternoon sugar hits is one of the best ways how to stay focussed at work for the entire day. Get rid of the mocha and Tim Tam’s and grab some nuts and berries instead. Better for your health in the long run and won’t give that energy spike that’s inevitably followed by a sugar crash.

If you can avoid the lunches out of the office or at least limit them, that will help too. While takeaway options are getting healthier, many are still loaded with salts, fats, and sugars that will make you gluggy and keep you from staying attentive at work. You can still hang out with your colleagues just make sure you don’t load up on the hot chips!


Take care of the body

At a desk or on your feet your body can sometimes be forgotten when you are toiling away. Start off by making sure your equipment is ergonomic, whether that be properly fitted boots or a stand-up desk. Make sure you are taking regular breaks and if in a physical role switching tasks periodically to give your body a break. You can’t stay focussed at work if your body is aching!


Block the distractions.

Sometimes the lure of Facebook or flicking through Instagram can be too great can take away from your productivity. If you are finding it hard to keep focussed there are many apps out there that can help with some cognitive skills development.

A great way to get started is be using one that utilizes the Pomodoro technique. It is based on 25 minutes of focussed activity followed by a 5-minute rest and reset. You do four cycles of this before having a longer break of 20-30 minutes. This routine is great for you be able to schedule a breather, stretches or rest your eyes from the computer screen at regular intervals each day.


Need some extra help?

For some of us, developing or using the cognitive skills needed to help get through a workday productively can be tough.  Disability or physical and mental health conditions can play a part in making your day-to-day harder than it needs to be. MAX provides a number of programs that can assist people that are looking for more support. Have a look at what Group Health Programs are available and speak to your consultant if you are interested.

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