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Every person. Every chance.

We deliver opportunity

As MAX Employment, one of the largest employment providers in Australia, we deliver life-changing opportunities with positive outcomes for both individuals and employers.

We empower people through support

As a Registered Training Organisation, MAX provides vocational, educational and certified training services to individuals across the country.

Our health services and work under Assessments Australia underpins these services to support people’s individual needs. We provide people with the tools, knowledge and confidence to manage their health, opening up new opportunities.

We partner with the local community

We work closely with local government, support organisations and employers to bring services to communities in a respectful and culturally responsible way.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan

At MAX, our vision is to support people from different backgrounds, cultures and communities to deliver life-changing opportunities and build a better future. Through our Reconciliation Action Plan, we are committed to ensuring we achieve this for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander customers and communities.

Our Innovative Reconciliation Action Plan was developed through the help of Indigenous staff across the country and dedicates MAX to develop a new Indigenous voice within our business.

The artwork at the centre of our Plan tells a story of passing on knowledge to future generations and speaks to ‘the spark that ignites flames of knowledge, renews Country, enriches Culture and empowers people’.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan

The story behind our RAP artwork

Watch the video below to understand the meaning behind the artwork created by the artist Riki Salam and how each part relates to what we do and our vision for reconciliation.

Diversity and Inclusion

We understand that Diversity and Inclusion is essential to the success of any business. At MAX, we believe that recognition and celebration of diversity helps us support our customers better and allows us to build an inclusive culture, where all our people are comfortable to be themselves.

The MAX Diversity and Inclusion Committee Charter sets out our commitment to diversity and inclusion and the steps we are taking to celebrate staff from a broad range of backgrounds.

Diversity and Inclusion