Aussie Broadband proves great recruitment practices lead to great retention

Published by MAXSolutions on July 20, 2021
Aussie broadband

Aussie Broadband are known for many things, but something that stands out is their customer service.

The Australian telco business was crowned Roy Morgan’s Internet Service Provider of the Year in 2020, with an average customer satisfaction rating of 91.3%.

How did they get there? By really focusing on their culture and values when hiring and going for the right fit over specific resume criteria. The recruitment team have a very clear idea about what makes a great employee and, once on board, employees don’t work with scripts and are trusted to make decisions, creating an engaged and inclusive culture. 

Brodie Turner, People and Culture Officer at Aussie Broadband said, “We really enjoy working with the team at MAX. They’ve built a strong relationship with our staff, and they clearly understand our businesses and the types of roles we offer, so they have a really good feel for what we are looking for in a candidate.”

The team at MAX work with the hiring teams to recruit roles and support the Aussie team in recruitment drives for their two key locations in Victoria. 

Partnership Manager at MAX, Jess Devent said, “Aussie Broadband really share a similar vision to us and believe in giving people a chance. They have a very supportive and inclusive environment and their recruitment practices show a strong focus on attitude and a passion for customer service”.

This combination of recruitment approach and shared understanding means they have been able to drive very high retention rates with 74% still in employment after 6 months, 34% above the national average.

Former MAX Customer and now Customer Service Consultant at Aussie, Julie said “Aussie BB is the most professional and supportive environment I've ever worked in, and I've worked in many jobs ever since I was 16.

“The company are very open in supporting the LGBTQI+ community, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and many other groups. They also offer help for mental health issues from day one. I love that I can be myself and feel accepted when working here. The support is amazing compared to other workplaces.

“I have worked for a lot of companies that don’t talk about staff wellbeing. I have anxiety and sometimes experience anxiety attacks while working, so I was scared to land a job that wouldn't support or understand mental health issues. MAX employment helped me overcome that challenge by recommending health services and putting me through to a company that supports mental health."

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