Voyage to Australia's heartland

Published by MAXSolutions on September 25, 2022
Young Indigenous woman Codie stands in an outdoor patio with a large circle bath, she smiles at the camera and Uluru sits on the horizon behind her. A glamping tent also sits in the background between Codie and Uluru.

Codie moved from her home in Adelaide to join the fun, vibrant and active Voyages community in remote Northern Territory in a journey to Australia's heartland.

Codie is a proud Narungga and Ngarrindjeri woman* and is now working on Anangu land, near Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. 

As she breathes in the sights and sounds at Longitude 131˚ overlooking Uluru, Codie is a long way from her suburban life in South Australia.


Managed by Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia, Longitude 131˚ is a luxury wilderness camp and Codie now enjoys spectacular views like these every day.

Prior to her move to the red centre, Codie was working as a trainee receptionist in an office environment but after a year decided it wasn’t for her. 

“I started looking for something new to learn and to step out of my comfort zone,” says Codie. 

Her MAX team then connected Codie with Voyages.

Voyages is a proud Indigenous-led business, and their team is committed to providing sustainable training and employment opportunities for Indigenous Australians.

In April, following a recruitment process, Codie commenced a hospitality traineeship with Voyages and within weeks had started work at Longitude 131˚.


Moving to a new state is daunting for every young person but together MAX and Voyages made the transition as easy as possible for Codie.

“MAX has been so amazing and helpful, they helped me get a suitcase and made sure my flights and everything I needed was booked and organised. 
“They still call every now and then to check up to see how I’m doing which I’m grateful for as moving to a whole different state, not knowing anyone and not having much family up here, it made me feel less scared and alone,” shares Codie. 

Voyages provides recruits with fantastic training and development opportunities including through their Indigenous traineeship program along with financial support to assist with relocation, accommodation and meals, along with access to recreational facilities and a fun, vibrant and active community.


The Voyages team welcomed Codie with open arms and she encourages others to take up opportunities with Voyages.

“Come out and give it your all, everyone here is genuinely so nice and amazing. 
“It is scary at first but once you settle in and meet new people who are in fact feeling the same way you are, you’ll be fine. 
“If you need any sort of support, they have it. You need someone to talk to, if you’re missing home, they’re there. They have a lot of people out here that are here to support you,” she shares. 

We’re delighted to partner with Voyages. Their commitment to creating training, employment and business opportunities for Indigenous Australians while also sharing authentic Indigenous experiences that are respectful and supportive of local cultures and communities is inspirational.

We’ve recently developed the Voyages Pre-employment Program. 

Designed to connect more Indigenous Australians like Codie with employment opportunities, the program prepares candidates with work-related skills and training specific to employment with Voyages.

The three-day training course, delivered by MAX (RTO 0667) covers topics specific to working in remote locations including communication and teamwork, time management, work-life balance, and resilience. 

As part of the program, the MAX Health team also provide pre-employment clinical interviews to help candidates understand and prepare for the unique challenges of living and working remotely. 


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