Tayla's making waves at Bayside Chemist

Published by MAXSolutions on August 08, 2017
MAX Employment: Capalaba Business Manager Allison Louttit with the newly employed Tayla and Health Services Officer Karen Behrens.


24 year old Tayla's intellectual disability makes it difficult for her to undertake routine tasks required in many jobs.

Combined with Tayla’s anxiety and lack of self-esteem, it was hard for both Placement Consultant Deni George and Health Services Officer (HSO) Karin Behrens to find a suitable job for Tayla, as she was nervous of any roles that involved face-to-face contact with the general public.

With this in mind, Deni approached the manager of Chemist Warehouse Capalaba to discuss a possible position for Tayla, although she did not have any previous experience in this industry.

Deni and Chemist Warehouse Manager Jack created a position for Tayla that involved unpacking boxes, stocking shelves and using the pricing gun, with the hope she might be able to use the till in the future.

Through the National Work Experience Program (NWEP) Tayla was able to try the role and get a feel for the culture at Chemist Warehouse. Tayla enjoyed the role very much, although it did get in the way of her social life a little!

“It was a lot of working with Tayla, her mum and Chemist Warehouse during the NWEP programme, due to her wanting to go to the movies and shopping with friends. "She did not understand why she just could not go,” Deni said.

Tayla persevered, and her manager Jack was so impressed with her work he agreed to keep Tayla on permanently! MAX Capalaba helped Tayla fill out all appropriate paperwork required to secure employment, while HSO Karin continues on-going support with Tayla through post placement visits.

"I go there every week, to see if she has any issues," Karin said. 

"She's doing really well. She always has a coworker working her - they're very supportive. She's building her confidence. She has a routine and makes it a priority to go to work."

Tayla continues to enhance her skills at Chemist Warehouse – she’s now a pro at knowing where the products belong and even helps answer customer enquiries. Tayla has built good relationships with her colleagues and is attending literacy training at TAFE so with improved confidence, she may be behind the till in no time! 

Image caption: Capalaba Business Manager Allison Louttit with the newly employed Tayla and Health Services Officer Karen Behrens. 


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