Sydney women changing the face of the maritime industry in NSW

Published by MAXSolutions on February 24, 2021
Sydney women changing the face of the maritime industry in NSW

Women make up just two per cent of the world’s 1.2 million seafarers but Cassie is one of 12 Indigenous women helping to turn that stat around, changing the face of the maritime industry in New South Wales.

The women, all from western Sydney, are completing a traineeship in Marine Engine Driving. Setting themselves on course for a maritime career.

Mum of three, Cassie, lives with bipolar disorder and ADHD. Just over a year ago Cassie had been unemployed for eight years and was living without a fixed address, moving around and staying with friends.

Today, Cassie’s life is remarkably different.

Successfully managing her health, working full-time and supporting her children, she is proving to her maritime colleagues exactly why she belongs on the water.

Not-for-profit organisation Tribal Warrior has been working with MAX, NRMA Fast Ferries, Sydney Harbour Ferries and Port Authority NSW to deliver maritime career opportunities to Indigenous women in New South Wales. 

Their Female Maritime Traineeship Program provides practical on-the-job training and mentoring, backed with the formal qualifications needed to succeed in the maritime industry. 

MAX is pleased to provide the women with health, mentoring and other supports, financial assistance to purchase course equipment such as textbooks along with covering transport and clothing costs. 

Partnering with organisations like Tribal Warrior means we can see remarkable transformations in the lives of our customers. 

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