Supportive employer helps Teska flourish

Published by MAXSolutions on March 09, 2022

For proud Torres-Strait Islander Teska, a secure job with a supportive employer has given her confidence and helped ease her depression.

Since joining MAX, Teska’s team have witnessed and supported her journey. While her depression initially presented itself in symptoms like panic attacks and sleep issues, her determination to work never wavered.


Ms Gagai admitted she had struggled to find steady employment despite a strong desire to work, which exacerbated her depression.

“When I first met Teska, she said she was happy to give any job a shot. And she was genuine about it,” says MAX Business Manager Bien Luong. 

She worked a number of short-term jobs over the course of her time with MAX, consistently proving herself a great employee. 

“One of her employers told me they’d love to have her back, but there just wasn’t enough work available at the time,” says Bien. 

Working in partnership with Multhana Property Services, Teska’s MAX team supported her into a role with a Multhana cleaning crew in Redbank. 


Multhana Property Services is an Indigenous led business creating training and employment for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the landscaping, building maintenance and cleaning industries.

“We know the everyday challenges faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are compounded significantly when someone is out of work,” says Multhana Managing Director Joe Wallace. 
“Having a steady job, a steady income, helps to remove a large part of the uncertainty that people face – it’s one less thing people have to worry about, but it’s a big thing,” says Mr Wallace. 

While having a job doesn’t mean Teska’s depression is cured, working in a stable and supportive environment has helped improve her confidence, provided her with purpose and a sense of team, while also alleviating her symptoms. 

Teska also shares about another health benefit the cleaning work has provided: “We clean a large area and since I’ve started there, I’ve also lost heaps of weight walking around and cleaning,” she says. 


Teska reflects on how this opportunity has changed things for her.

“Having a job helps me a lot. We joke around and have a lot of fun when we clean,” she says. 
“It makes me feel good – being part of a team. I’ve grown to become a team leader. When a new person starts, I show them what we do,” says Teska. 
“Every day when I put on that uniform, I feel so proud and excited to get to work,” she says. “I’m really enjoying working for Multhana.” 

Congratulations to Teska and her MAX team for giving her every opportunity to succeed.

And thank you to Multhana for continuing to provide valuable employment and training pathways for our Indigenous and non-Indigenous customers. 


Our Employer Business Centre is pleased to work with MAX offices around south-east Queensland to support Multhana’s recruitment efforts on an ongoing basis. Our partnership is strengthened by our shared desire to support Indigenous Australians into work and address gaps in outcomes.

“It’s heartening to know that there are businesses out there like Multhana that want to help improve lives.” 
“We partnered with Multhana in 2020 and, since then, we’ve placed 145 customers into work with them – more than half of whom are Indigenous,” says Ms Luong. 

In late 2021 Multhana was recognised in the Lord Mayor’s Business Awards as a finalist in the Outstanding Social Enterprise category – congratulations to the Multhana team, a well-deserved accolade.  


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