Shane’s Beefing up Business at Burger Project

Published by MAXSolutions on January 24, 2017
Shane’s Beefing up Business at Burger Project

Image caption: Shane's future is looking bright thanks to The Burger Project (Photo: Rockpool Group)


After being unemployed for three years, Shane was losing hope of finding a stable job.

But with a background in hospitality, a joint initiative between MAX, Western Sydney Institute TAFE, Neil Perry’s Rockpool Group and Burger Project helped him find his feet and get back into work. 

After guiding him into the latest Burger Project store at Bondi Junction NSW, Shane has already stepped into a supervisor role. His next goal? Store manager by 2018.

“I first started working at KFC, McDonalds, Red Rooster and other fast food places,” Shane said. 

“Then I started an apprenticeship at a restaurant in Western Sydney but it didn’t work out, and I found myself unemployed for three years.

“This job’s had a big impact on my life. When I found out my partner was pregnant, I applied to work at Burger Project. Now, six months later, we’re renting our own place and the future is looking really bright for us.” 

CEO of Burger Project Tom Sykes said Shane has really progressed since starting with Burger Project. 

“Shane came in learning entry level food preparation, like the building of the burger and then we got him going on the grill, and now he’s supervising all of the staff,” Tom said.  

“He’s been a really great success story for this program and we’re incredibly proud of the progress he’s made on the job,” he said. 

Director of Burger Project Neil Perry said it’s about creating and growing a great culture. 

“We want to work with more young Australians and give them a start in our hospitality business, and most importantly a grounding in the philosophy we have on caring and teamwork,” Neil said. 

“We thrive on taking young people that are unskilled and turning them into diamonds,” he said. 

Shane said Burger Project is an inviting workplace where everyone gets involved.  

“What motivates me the most about getting up and coming to work is the people I get to work with,” he said. 

“Neil and Tom lead from the top and always come in and help. Tom gets on the pass and Neil makes burgers… it’s just a really fun and inclusive place to work.” 


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