Rabobank leading the way in inclusive recruitment

Published by MAXSolutions on November 29, 2020
Rabobank leading the way in inclusive recruitment


Rabobank is one of the world’s largest rural lenders, remaining true to their core mission to create value for their clients, employees and the rural communities where they work. 

Through an initiative partnering with the Australian Network on Disability (AND) and MAX Solutions, Rabobank Australia has developed a program and hired a number of analysts.

The new hires were a combination of MAX Solutions customers and alumni from AND’s Stepping Into internship program, providing support, development and an opportunity for each individual to embark on a career in the banking industry.  

“The analyst position is a skilled role and incredibly valuable part of Rabobank’s ongoing compliance in the banking sector. By recruiting MAX customers into analyst roles, we’re proud to be showcasing and sharing the depths of talent our customers with disability can bring to organisations like Rabobank,” says MAX National Partnership Manager, Erin Carey. 


Throughout the process, Rabobank sought guidance from AND and MAX to ensure the recruitment and onboarding process was inclusive.

As part of this, the MAX health team provided the new employees with pre-employment health support in order to provide each individual with the best chance of a successful transition into the workplace. MAX also provided a tailored support plan and an in-work support officer continues to be available for both the new employees and Rabobank. 

“Overall, the candidates required very minimal adjustments to ensure the recruitment and onboarding process went smoothly,” says Ms Carey. 


Recruit Chrisneil Chand shares what the recruitment process was like for him. “I found the journey in which I achieved employment to be a wonderful experience and something I will cherish. It has been very fulfilling to have the support of MAX throughout the process.”

The COVID-19 pandemic required everyone to adapt quickly and with the ongoing support of the Rabobank team, the new employees have continued to learn and enjoy their roles.


The International Labour Organisation (ILO) identified that many persons with disability came into the COVID-19 crisis facing significant exclusions in all areas of the world of work. They say the pandemic exacerbated the vulnerability of persons with disability who are more likely to lose work and have greater difficulty finding employment again. 

Businesses across Australia have been significantly impacted during this pandemic. With unemployment rising and Australia experiencing a recession, sustained employment is highly valuable for every employee. For the new Rabobank recruits, living with disability can present additional challenges, and continued employment can have a significant impact on wellbeing.


The initial program has proven such a success that Rabobank has recently undertaken a second round of recruitment with MAX Solutions. Rabobank’s ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion, will see additional candidates commence employment shortly.

Undeterred by the additional challenges posed by recruitment during COVID-19, Rabobank has adapted the recruitment process to ensure that candidates could participate safely, and that adjustments were made to support each individual to perform at their best.  


These newest recruits have embarked on their Rabobank journey with the ongoing support from the MAX team. The successful candidates have begun their employment with an organisation committed to their wellbeing as well as their personal and career development.

Recruit Debra Perlas shares about her experience now she has settled into the role. “I am quite happy, and I am passionate about the role. The working relationships are second to none. I will endeavour to add value and make significant contribution to align with Rabobank’s values and standards of “going the extra mile” for its clients,” says Debra.  

“We value partnering with organisations like Rabobank, who are genuinely passionate about inclusivity and diversity.” 

“We have many customers with disability who have great amounts of skill, qualifications and experience to offer employers. They’re an available and often untapped pool of talent.

“We are delighted to see such talented people given an opportunity to grow and succeed in the workplace,” says Ms Carey.


AND’s Stepping Into program is a paid internship program that matches talented university students with disability with internship roles in leading Australian businesses.

The program offers a supported introduction to the workplace through summer and winter internships each year in a wide variety of disciplines including Business, IT, Marketing, Engineering, Social Sciences, Law and more. Students gain relevant industry exposure, while businesses tap into a pipeline that cultivates an inclusive and diverse workplace culture. 

Last year, Stepping Into provided 229 paid internships across Australia to students looking to gain real world experience before they graduate into the workforce. Find out more at AND

Photo: Rabobank team members including MAX customers Phillis, Donna, Chrisneil, Minh and Kane. 


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