Peta lands job after 13 years out of the workforce

Published by MAXSolutions on March 12, 2023
Peta smiles at the camera after landing a job


For 13 years Peta struggled to get work. And then she connected with MAX. 

After she left school, Peta landed a job at a recycling plant and there she stayed. A loyal employee for 20 years. Until in 2009 she was unexpectedly laid off.


Though she had performed well in her role over many years, when she lost the security of familiar processes and faces Peta struggled to see what the future might hold; unable to see what she could offer a new employer.

Peta had left high school with literacy and numeracy levels below ideal and with limited work experience, low confidence levels and health issues, she entered a very challenging period.

Combined with losing her job, the impacts of her childhood trauma were intensified by new family issues and eventually Peta had a run in with the law.


Over the next decade Peta struggled and spent time with multiple job service providers but remained jobless. 

Her hope for a brighter future had all but vanished when she entered the MAX office in Bridgewater in 2020. But the team were ready to provide her with the support she needed but hadn’t dared hope for.

After taking the time to get to know Peta and identify her challenges and strengths, her MAX team connected Peta with a range of health supports. This included sessions with a MAX Health Services Officer who supported her through some of her health challenges and gave her skills and strategies to boost her mental health.


Over several months Peta’s self-confidence grew and she was ready to start considering work opportunities.

The team continued to support Peta to prepare for work with interview preparation sessions and help updating her resume.


It was at this point our MAX Partnership Manager Natasha, part of our Employer Business Centre (EBC) met Peta for the first time during a meet and greet session.

Our EBC teams build relationships with employers in their local communities. They strive to support employers, connecting them with suitable candidates to meet their recruitment needs.

"She was one of the nicest ladies I’ve had the pleasure of talking with,” shares Natasha.

“Corestaff, an employer partner down here in Tasmania, was recruiting for roles at a farm in Cambridge,” she says. 

“I felt Peta would be perfect for one of these farm roles, so with her consent I arranged for an interview,” she says. 


With newfound confidence and putting her new interview skills to the test, Peta was successful in landing the job.

Peta started her second ever job in November 2022. 


“After her first shift, Peta came into the office beaming and full of life – she LOVED it!” shares Natasha. 


Now in a stable role as a Process Worker, her life has turned around.

Her new employer has reported Peta is doing a fantastic job and is called in for additional shifts when required. 

Peta’s MAX team including Natasha, and Job Coach Donna continue to stay in contact with her, supporting her through any workplace concerns and providing any other support that Peta needs. 


Ongoing and sustainable employment means 2023 is looking bright for Peta.

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