Paul's resilience key to rebuilding his life

Published by MAXSolutions on May 14, 2023
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If the last few years have taught us all anything it is that resilience is an important skill to develop to manage the challenges that life throws at you.

Paul Cornish, a MAX customer from Tasmania, is a great example of how resilience can help you overcome the trials of life.

Paul has struggled with alcohol addiction and had recently completed a rehabilitation program before he came to the team at Rosny.

He was driven to make his life better life but understandably was lacking in confidence.


Through the support of the MAX team in Rosny and Paul’s conscientious attitude, in a few short months, Paul was employed with Kemp and Denning as a storeman.

A job that Paul described as the “perfect fit”.


Unfortunately for Paul, the company found itself in difficulty and closed down and then Covid arrived putting Paul back into hardship despite his best efforts.

Struggling with homelessness, sobriety, and mental health challenges, he sought assistance from several MAX sites in the north and south of Tasmania while he was without a permanent address.


It was through utilising the various health services that MAX provides, that Paul was able to regain sobriety, rebuild his personal relationships, and maintain his mental health to the point of being ready to work again.

Paul was able to reconnect with his family and get his life back on track, a success he credits to his ongoing experiences with the Health Teams and Job Coaches from sites all over Tasmania.


In March this year, with the help of the Rosny team, Paul was able to secure stable employment once more.

While it was another change in industry, the resilience skills that Paul had developed with MAX allowed him to easily adapt and thrive in his new role within the construction industry.

He even stopped in recently to share his excitement about a new project he was undertaking, one that involved commuting by helicopter!


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