Our customer service journey

Published by MAXSolutions on October 22, 2019
Our customer service journey

MAX has worked hard to transform our approach to customer service over the last two years to improve the lives of the most vulnerable people in our community.

We are delighted to be finalists in this year’s Australian Service Excellence Awards (ASEA). The ASEA is an initiative of the Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA) and recognises best practice and innovation in the customer interaction.


Everyone at MAX has been involved in this journey.

Our customer service transformation has seen us adopt a customer-centric culture across the organisation. We put the customer at the heart of our business

Decisions are made based on the feedback of our customers and employees - whether it is technology or process-based, or learning and development.

We are constantly seeking feedback from customers, through customer satisfaction surveys and proactive feedback processes. These insights allow us to increase our responsiveness to customers’ needs, better manage their expectations and take action where needed.

Our sites reflect this customer service transformation. Our people make our customers feel welcome, they are prompt to respond and engage. They support and follow our customers all the way to gaining a job and beyond.
A part of this major transformation of our service involves our Customer Service Team. From their location in Springwood, Queensland, the team provides support to our people working in more than 250 sites across Australia. Together, they ensure customers receive the support they need to access the job or training opportunity they seek.

This arrangement offers customers the best of both worlds; a face- to- face relationship with their local MAX person, backed up by a hotline providing technical support. This frees up our people to focus on identifying the most relevant work opportunities for our customers and providing resume and interview support.


Managing Director of MAX Solutions, Deborah Homewood, said our people were excited, proud and honoured to be a finalist in the CSIA awards.

“Knowing we are aligned to international best practice in customer service motivates us to strive for excellence in the way we serve our customers across Australia,” Ms Homewood said. 

“From experience, we know that having an open dialogue with our customers allows us to respond to their changing needs, and solicit their feedback.

“Even with an effective feedback mechanism, it is inevitable in any business that some complaints will be raised.

“But at MAX, we believe it is how concerns are dealt with that matters.

“Encouraging feedback allows us to constantly refine and improve the service we offer, ensuring our customers’ concerns are being addressed. This helps grow our business

“Our people understand the importance we place on customer care. That’s why our whole team has been involved in transforming our business to focus on customer service to ensure we give ‘every person, every chance’ each and every day.”


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