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Published by MAXSolutions on December 04, 2023
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MAX have partnered with Amazon to create a more inclusive workplace, focusing on supporting people with disability into jobs.

As an employer, Amazon is a large organisation with multiple locations and roles across distribution and logistics right across Australia.

As a partnership, we share a common interest in ensuring that inclusion is made real in a practical and meaningful way.

Working across multiple locations, our National Employer team meet regularly with Amazon to discuss upcoming recruitment needs, work on plans for the future and build confidence across the organisation.

The team also deliver ‘Disability Confidence’ training to Amazon leaders across different locations.

A key part of the work is about providing guidance to Amazon and working with them to implement workplace adjustments that help people perform their roles and break down barriers that might prevent people from applying.

Amazon now gives the opportunity for people to have workplace tours before applying to better understand the work environment and figure out what roles would suit them.

These tours also allow people to discuss the challenges they face and what changes might help them overcome them.

Through working together in close partnership, MAX has a deep understanding of the work environment and roles at Amazon.

MAX Job Coaches choose candidates for positions based on candidates’ specific abilities and strengths as part of the Employment Support Plan which is tailored to the individual.

The MAX Health team of allied health professionals are also involved, providing professional advice and expertise for candidates either onsite or virtually.

MAX is privileged to be able to make a difference in the lives of people by opening doors of opportunity in employment, and helping organisations become more inclusive with a diverse workforce to reflect the communities that they serve. 


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