Jasmyne's first job brightens her future

Published by MAXSolutions on May 17, 2022
Jasmyne's first job

For MAX Employer Partnership Manager Emily, Jasmyne’s story sums up the reason she comes to work every day – her ‘why’.

Jasmyne, 25, lives with Intellectual Disability and depression. She’s never had a job – until now. 

“A person with intellectual disability will typically have reduced intellectual functioning such as trouble recalling things or difficulties understanding social norms and social skills,” says Emily. 

“In particular, for Jasmyne, reading, writing and face-to-face communication aren’t among her strengths,” she says. 

“So when considering what role might suit Jasmyne, we needed to take who she is, her strengths and challenges, and the kind of roles she could see herself in, into consideration,” says Emily. 

Through partnership with a commercial laundry in Adelaide, Emily was able to investigate the roles on offer that would play to those strengths.

“The laundry has a number of process-driven roles available. These roles provide a great opportunity to Jasmyne to shine, working alongside just one other person,” shares Emily. 

Jasmyne was keen to give this a try and is now thriving in the role. 

"I'm thankful for the support from MAX Employment; for helping me to get the job,” says Jasmyne. 

Looking to the future Jasmyne is hopeful she will be able to save money and one day buy her own home.

Jasmyne is one of eight customers Emily has supported into suitable roles at the commercial laundry – supporting our customers into sustainable employment and supporting the employer to achieve their business goals. 

“I get goosebumps when I visit the employer and see customers working away independently,” shares Emily. 

To understand more about Intellectual Disabilities, typical impacts on daily life and within the workplace, along with suitable supports, visit the General Learning Disabilities page:

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