What are Disability Employment Services and how does DES work?

Disability Employment Services (DES) support Australians that live with disability into work. DES is designed to accommodate the individual needs of each person they serve to find the right job and support them through ongoing employment. These supports can look different for each person and are assessed based on your capabilities. 

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How do Disability Employment Services work

When you register with Services Australia for employment services, Centrelink can assess your eligibility for Disability Employment Services. You can also directly contact a DES provider to start this process.

Once a DES provider has been contacted a meeting is set to assess your individual needs and capabilities and what supports may be required to assist you. From there, a plan is developed that addresses the areas you need more support in. This may involve external health professionals, specialist equipment or further education to give you the best chance to succeed.

How does DES help job seekers?

There are many ways MAX supports DES customers looking for work:

  • Training for interviews and resume writing.

  • Identification of skills and capabilities that are relevant to different career pathways.

  • Engaging with health professionals to support your physical and mental health. 

How does DES help employees?

For those with longer-term support needs, there are additional services available such as:

  • Workplace modifications

  • Ongoing on-the-job training

  • Liaising with the employer and/or co-workers on your behalf

How does DES help employers?

MAX can also assist employers in a variety of ways to become disability-confident employers:

  • Provide information on reasonable adjustments that can be made to make interviewing easier for those with disability.

  • Identify supports that employees may need to assist them during their employment.  

  • provide education on legislation best practices and financial supports that may be available for disability-confident employers.

What types of Disability Employment Services are there?

If you are eligible for DES, there are two streams that offer differing levels of support, the Disability Management Service and the Employment Support Service:

Disability Management Service

The Disability Management Service (DMS) is designed for people who do not require long-term support at work. Typically, this service is for those that have experienced an injury or illness that has left them unable to work and need assistance in returning to the workforce.

DMS assists by first helping people to find the right job and then providing training to employers and staff to assist with adjustments or support while the employee is returning to full capacity.

Employment Management Service

The Employment Management Service helps those that have a permanent disability find meaningful and ongoing work. Long-term support is provided to customers that are eligible for this service.

Both services are designed to assist people with disability to:

  • Develop skills and capabilities.

  • Manage health issues and provide support.

  • Find work ongoing and meaningful work.

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