Have a long term disability?

At MAX we know that in the right job with the right support, people with disability can reach their full potential and achieve many things in their workplace.

There may be a combination of health factors that affect your ability to work. Understanding your disability requires connection and trust. At MAX, we listen to your story and make sure we understand your strengths, goals, likes and dislikes, as well as what limitations exist in your personal situation. This helps us work with employers to find the right work for you combined with the right level of support.

About the Employment Support Service (ESS)

Under Disability Employment Services, the Employment Support Service is available for those with long term disability who need regular, ongoing support to keep a job.

Understanding our customers

We take the time to get to know our customers and together make a plan unique to them.

Finding work

We use our local, state and national employer contacts to find work that suits each customer.

Empowering through support

We support our customers through their journey, before and during the job search and after they find work.