Workplace injury or illness management

If you have an acquired injury or a serious illness, it may affect your ability to work or look for employment in a variety of ways.

Our workplace injury management services can support you to make adjustments to help you stay in your job or find suitable employment. You may need to modify your approach to work. This might include:

  • How you perform your job
  • Which tasks you do, your work schedule
  • Where you work
  • The equipment or furniture at your work
  • Looking at new career paths or employment options.

These changes might only be subtle, but an expert can support you to make the right choices in sustaining or finding work.

Disability Management Service (DMS)

Under Disability Employment Services, DMS helps people with a disability, health condition or an acquired injury who require support finding work but are unlikely to need long term support, or lifelong support.

Understanding our customers

We take the time to get to know our customers and together make a plan unique to them.

Finding work

We use our local, state and national employer contacts to find work that suits each customer.

Empowering through support

We walk alongside our customers through their journey, before, during and after finding work.