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PaTH Internship Course has commenced

PaTH Internship Course has commenced at MAX Solutions

Young job seekers aged 15-24 will now have a greater opportunity to enter the workforce thanks to the Australian Government’s new Prepare, Trial, Hire internship program (PaTH).

PaTH Internship Course has commenced at MAX Solutions

MAX Solutions sites have commenced delivering Employability Skills Training (EST) as part of the PaTH program services in 10 regions across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, providing essential pre-employment skills and facilitating valuable work experience for young people entering the workforce.

Participants of the PaTH program will move through three stages:


Using Employability Skills Training (EST), young people can enhance their employability with two blocks of targeted training. Each block is 75 hours of face to face training and provides opportunities to experience career paths that align with their interests.


Voluntary internship opportunities to help young job seekers gain real world experience with Australian businesses.


‘Hire’ focuses on providing ongoing employment to young workers, with a range of subsidies available for businesses that hire registered job seekers who have been looking for work for more than six weeks.

MAX Browns Plains EST Trainer Mel Williams said that increasing confidence is the key for many young job seekers who may be scared to approach employers.

“The hardest part is asking if there are job options available, but the worst thing that can happen is the employer says no."

“With this program, the job seekers have newfound confidence to approach employers that they didn’t have before,” Ms. Williams said.

Throughout the program, job seekers work to set goals and have on-going support to achieve these goals. For more information on the PaTH program and to check eligibility, email info@maxsolutions.com.au or call 1800 021 560.


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