National Partnership with ISS

National Partnership with ISS

ISS have utilised various employment services for over 7 years to source talented candidates. 

Their experience was one of having to start over every time they were sourcing and experienced challenges with multi-site, multi-person contacts. The reactivity of providers and the numerous cold-call contacts made working with employment service providers a tangible problem.

National Partnership with ISS

“MAX Employment have successfully partnered with ISS Facility Services on a national level to become an extension to our centralised recruitment team, assisting, by understanding  our business needs and therefore providing pre-screened, job ready candidates, with the right skill set and attitude to fill  vacancies.” 
Sarah Larson, National Talent Manager, ISS Facility Service

In partnering with MAX, ISS have realised their desire for a consistent, efficient, national service. Their MAX National Partnership Manager has become an expert in their business and works collaboratively with their Talent team to ensure MAX deliver the right person where possible through the network of MAX Partnership Managers servicing ISS across Australia. The experience has contributed to supporting ISS to realise their vision of ‘hiring for attitude and training for success’.

As a result of the partnership with MAX, ISS have experienced a significant improvement of successfully identified job seekers when compared with their previous experiences.
MAX are supporting ISS to deliver on their diversity and inclusion goals and assisting in the delivery and realisation of demonstrable social value which is key to their market differentiation. 

MAX is viewed as a critical enabler in supporting them to realise their Indigenous Employment Parity commitments and ‘close the gap’ for Indigenous Austrians representation in the workforce.


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