Introducing MAXConnect's resume editor!

MAXConnect Resume Editor

All MAXConnect users now have access to the brand new resume editor featuring Microsoft Word online.

Introducing MAX Connect's resume editor!

Yep, MAXConnect now features a resume editor where you can upload, edit and format up to four different resumes.

You can get started with 3 super-easy steps:

  • Log on to MAXConnect and open your job seeker profile
  • Select My Resume then My Documents
  • Upload your resume and click the edit button to start editing

Hey presto! Three easy steps and you have your very own resume saved to your MAX Connect profile.

Don't have a resume? No problems. Just click the new button and you can create and edit a blank template.

If you need a hand uploading your resume or creating a new one, ask your MAX consultant for some help.

Happy job hunting!

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