How to make your resume pop

resume pop

Your resume has around 10 seconds before an employer decides to chuck it into either the yes or no pile.

To make sure you have a chance of making it through to the interview, you need to make those few seconds count.

How to make your resume pop

So what can you do to make your resume stand out? Here are some helpful tips.

Look for keywords

A good place to start is the job ad itself. Review the ad you’re applying to and highlight the keywords relevant to the job, then make sure you include these in your application.

Use a header

Keeping in mind the specific position being advertised, include a title at the top defining what you do. For example: “Administrative Support Supervisor".

Tailor your resume to the job

Make sure that your resume is aimed directly at the job you’re applying for. Only include the skills and experience that are relevant to that specific job to show you’re a great fit.

Use industry keywords

Although, don’t overdo it. You want your resume to make it through the Applicant Tracking System, but if it’s evident you’ve been ‘keyword stuffing’ your resume will still end up in the no pile once it reaches the hands of the recruiter.

Check that it’s error-free

If you send in a resume that is full of errors, recruiters will see that as a sign of laziness. Make sure your resume is perfectly polished and free of typos and grammar mistakes.

Include quantifiable achievements

Employers see your performance in the past as an indication of how you’ll perform in the future. Show what you’ve achieved in previous positions in a quantifiable manner. You can do this by using dollar or percentage figures, for example.

Keep the layout simple

Make sure your resume has plenty of white space and use a simple font. While you don’t want to overdo it, you can use colour in a conservative way to make your resume stand out. For example: a subtle navy blue border.

Keep it brief

Use an amount of space that matches your experience, it’s best to keep it to two pages or less. A good rule of thumb is one page of resume for every 10 years of work experience.

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