How do you know if its depression?

is it depression

Depression is a condition for which many effective treatments exist.

Getting the right treatment early can significantly reduce the suffering of a person with depression and help them recover faster1.

How Do You Know If Its Depression?

You might be worried that someone you care about has depression, or maybe you are worried that you have it yourself. Depression can only be diagnosed by a qualified health professional.

How do you know that you should be assessed?

Not everybody experiences depression in the same way. Some people may have an increased appetite, others may have a decreased appetite and others may have no change at all to their appetite. This is why it is important to involve a trained professional if you are worried about someone.

Someone who is depressed is likely to have a low mood, most of the time. They might still be able to laugh; but these periods of happiness would be short lived.

They would probably have difficulty enjoying activities they once enjoyed, or they may stop participating in them altogether. This is an often over looked aspect of depression.

If you or someone you care about has either of the above symptoms you should encourage them to access a formal assessment.

Most depressions can be treated effectively and the sooner treatment is accessed the sooner wellness and recovery can be achieved.

Where should you start?

Most General Practitioners (GPs) are a good first place to start or you can access your EAP on 1800 629 277 or at


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