Here are some handy resume examples

Here are some handy resume examples

Resume writing can be a pain, especially if you don't know where to start. If you're changing jobs, changing industry, or just need to re-do your resume, look no further! Here are some handy resume templates for different industries.

Here are some handy resume examples



Hospitality can be your ticket to travelling the world, meeting new people, and working in fast-paced environments. Some key skills for hospitality are:

  • Multitasking: you're never working on one thing at a time
  • Attention to detail: it has to appeal to the customers
  • Flexibility: hospitality often has the most flexible working hours!
  • Teamwork: you will rarely work alone
  • Ability to keep calm: lots of high-volume situations in this biz!

Click here to have a look at an example hospitality resume.


Health and Medical

If you want to go into the healthcare field, you'll probably end up working in a private practice clinic, a hospital, pharmacies, labs, and care services. Employers are looking for these skills and traits:

  • Communication skills: miscommunication can be a risk to patients
  • A friendly and caring personality
  • Empathy and sensitivity to patients
  • Strong work ethic: you often have to go 'above and beyond'
  • Positivity: it can be a challenging field, but a rewarding one!

Click here to have a look at an example healthcare resume.



If numbers are your thing, then finance might be the career for you! Here's what companies are looking for in finance professionals:

  • Problem solving skills: for when those pesky numbers don't add up!
  • Ability to work independently
  • Organisational skills
  • Good with numbers
  • Honesty and reliability.

Click here to have a look at an example finance resume.



The heart of many businesses, an administration assistant, receptionist or office manager is the go-to person for staff and customers alike! Hone these skills for this industry:

  • Communication skills: this one is crucial, you interact with everyone!
  • Organisational skills: you'll be juggling many things around the office
  • Good with computers: for those Microsoft Office programs
  • Problem solving: you're the person everyone goes to for answers
  • Good with customers: you're generally the first person people see.

Click here to have a look at an example administration resume.


Trades and Services

It's not just about working with your hands, there are a few more key skills that go into being a good tradie, such as: Working with others: you're mostly always in a team.

  • Decision-making: more than one option? Decision time...
  • Problem-solving: coming up with solutions when there are challenges
  • Health and safety: a huge one for trades and services!
  • Continuous learning: more to learn = room to grow
  • Leaving.

Click here to have a look at an example trades and services resume.



Retail can range from clothes, appliances, online stores, supermarkets, health and fitness... the list goes on. Some common skills for retail are:

  • Customer service skills: in retail, it's all about the customer!
  • Working under pressure: Boxing Day sales, anyone?
  • Cash and EFTPOS handling: goes without saying
  • Computer use: for those computer Point-of-Sale systems
  • Initiative: to fix those problems or complete outstanding tasks!

Click here to have a look at an example retail resume.


Transport and Logistics

Can't wait to get out on the road again? Transport and logistics is the career for you, and employers are looking for these skills:

  • Time management ability: so you can get from A to B without rushing!
  • Ability to manage change
  • Teamwork skills
  • Numeracy skills: there's more numbers than you think in this industry
  • Communication skills: so everyone knows what's going on.

Click here to have a look at an example transport and logistics resume.


Remember, volunteer and unpaid work experience is still experience, so be sure to include any unpaid work in your resume! If you need a hand with your resume, talk to your MAX consultant for advice.

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