How to shine in a retail job

Published by MAXSolutions on September 19, 2018
How to shine in a retail job

While many of the skills you need for retail jobs will be taught to you when you start, you may already have some of the skills employers are after.

Here’s a guide to the skills and attributes needed in this industry.


Retail roles have a strong customer focus and involve interacting with many people throughout the day. Retail employers look for people who are friendly, polite and helpful – people who enjoy interacting with other people.


Smart presentation

As retail involves a lot of customer service it’s important to be well presented. Make sure your appearance is neat and your clothes are clean and fit well. Keep in mind that you are representing not only yourself, but the retailer you work for as well.


Ability to multitask

In retail, it’s likely that you will be responsible for many different day-to-day jobs that keep the store running. It’s important that you have good time management skills and can handle several jobs at once. Retail employers will be looking for people who are able to get all the smaller jobs done quickly and accurately.


Flexibility and good time-keeping

Being reliable is important to retail employers. It’s important to show up for your shifts on time on the days you are rostered on to work.

Retailers will also look for people with flexibility, so be as flexible as you can with when you can work. Cover shifts for others when you can. Once an employer knows you’re happy to cover shifts, you may often be the first person they call when they need someone.



Remember there is never ‘nothing to do’ when it comes to retail so ask your workmates if they need your help or ask your supervisor if there is anything else for you to do. Retailers are always looking for people who show initiative and are passionate about the work they are doing. 

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