Five common new job fears and how to overcome them

Published by MAXSolutions on September 19, 2018
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Getting over the fears of a new job. For plenty of people getting a new job is exciting because it signals opportunities to learn new skills, expand your network, and build your resume.

But, change can be scary. Trying to find a new job isn’t easy and starting a new job can be difficult.


Below are five common fears of getting a new job and how to overcome them.

1. Lack of qualifications

The fear of starting a new job: So you’ve seen an open position that you’d really enjoy and start getting excited. But after a closer look at the requirements for the job, you’re not as excited as when you first looked. I have to have how many years of experience? And be know how to use all of those systems? You start doubting yourself and you may not want that job anymore

Overcome your fear: Recognise your strengths and focus on the core skills that you do have, instead of trying to meet a long list of desired criteria.


2. You’re worried you might hate your new job

The fear of starting a new job: When you start looking for a new job it’s hard to stop the worry or any negative thoughts that go through your head. But what if I hate it? What if I become unhappy? What if I’m bad at what I have to do? Those thoughts may terrify you but don’t let them scare you from looking at different job opportunities.

Overcome your fear: Keep positive and keep telling yourself that although there’s no guarantee that you’ll love it, there’s also no guarantee that you’ll hate it. No job is a life sentence so if you end up absolutely loathing the company—guess what? You can start to look for something else.


3. The fear of rejection

The fear of starting a new job: While applying for a job there is always the fear of not getting the job you want or applied for. Being rejected by a job you want can be very disappointing and in some cases you might want to give up looking but you must stay strong!

Overcome your fear: Facing rejection head on! Rejection is a part of life. Not everyone is going to like you and, guess what? They don’t have to. Just like every job you apply for you’re not guaranteed to get. But every job you apply for puts you one step closer to your dream so don’t be afraid of rejection. 


4. You hate being the new kid on the block

The fear of starting a new job: It’s easy to slip into a routine you are comfortable with and it can be scary to go outside of that routine into a world of office politics and a group of new people.

Overcome your fear: Change is difficult for everyone but it’s usually never as bad as you think. Start by pushing yourself to meet new people in your community, maybe at the gym or a club. The more practice you have of meeting new people and being able to navigate unfamiliar situations the better you’ll be when it comes to going into work.  


5. You don’t want to be defined by your job

The fear of starting a new job: People often tie their identity to their job or a company. Entering a field that is new or different may make you feel that your identity has or is going to change.

Overcome your fear: Recognise how your strengths will work to contribute to the company’s overall success. You are a complex individual with a distinct set of skills, interests and qualities and your job is not the only thing that defines you.

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