Jobs for people with bipolar disorder

Published by MAXSolutions on March 21, 2022
Jobs for people with bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is experienced by around 1 in 50 Australians every year. A complex mental health condition, bipolar disorder is one mental health condition that can cause significant and long-term disability.

If you live with bipolar, managing your mental health can be a challenge, even more so finding and maintaining work.

The impact of mood swings on the day-to-day lives of those that live with the condition can affect how they work as well as those around them.

Moving between manic phases of impulsivity, irritability, and racing thoughts to depressive states of low mood, lack of motivation and difficulty concentrating can occur daily.

This does not mean that jobs for people with bipolar disorder however are limited to specific careers or occupations.

With a good understanding of your skillset, passions and how you work best you shouldn’t be limited and in fact, the different ways you think can be a great benefit to workplaces.

For more information on some great jobs for people with bipolar disorder keep reading.


What to look for in a job if you have a mental health condition.

The first step to finding the right fit is having a clear understanding of your health, how you manage it and your triggers.

By understanding what does and does not fit in with managing your health, you can narrow down industries that work for your situation and those that don’t.


Flexibility is key

Everyone’s experience is different. While some may have their health quite well managed, others may have extra challenges to deal with that can impact on their health.

This is why, when managing a health condition and work, flexibility is key.

If you are up for full-time work, then having a workplace that is understanding and offers the ability to work from home might be a great fit.

Otherwise, a part-time or casual opportunity might provide a better work/life balance for you.


Creativity is important

For many people with bipolar disorder having a creative outlet is not just important to maintaining their mental health but is a central part of a fulfilling life.

It is important to consider whether you want a job that scratches that creative itch or one that gives you flexibility and the spare energy to maintain your creative passions outside of work.


What environment works best for you?

Another important factor to consider is the kind of workplace you thrive in. Commonly, people with bipolar disorder find it easier to work in relaxed environments that are quiet.

Having a structured schedule is also generally beneficial, particularly jobs that do not disrupt regular sleep patterns as this can have a significant effect on your health.

This may not be the case for you, however. You may love highly active and stimulating work environments. It’s all about knowing yourself and where you work best!

The best jobs for people with bipolar disorder

Building and construction jobs for people with bipolar disorder

There is so much variety in this industry you could find any kind of job that fits your skillsets.

The early starts and largely physical days can help tire you out making it easier to maintain good sleep patterns.

Many roles will see you spending a lot of time outside such as landscaping or carpentry. This can be great for managing your stress and mental health.

There is also ample contract or casual work in this industry if you aren’t quite ready to handle a full-time job and manage your condition.


Marketing and communications jobs for people with bipolar disorder

If being creative is important for you to be fulfilled, a job in graphic design, copywriting or web development might be perfect for you.

It is also an industry with strong growing demand for workers and has a variety of roles available.

The industry broadly has embraced flexible work arrangements, so having the ability to work from home (or the beach!) could make managing your mental health easier.

Be sure to not let your work seep into your personal time however as can sometimes be common in this industry.


Finance jobs for people with bipolar disorder

If structure, a consistent schedule and systematic work that can be done largely independently is something that interests you, the finance sector might be a good fit.

Working in banks or insurance companies, you will always be equipped with a policy or procedure to do your job.

You may also find that the skillsets are largely transferable across many jobs in the industry.

Some people with bipolar disorder enjoy the methodical nature of work as well the logical nature of tasks and duties and so find it easier to manage their health.


Retail and hospitality jobs for people with bipolar disorder

Both are large sectors with employment opportunities all over Australia. This could be anything from working in a warehouse, cooking in a kitchen, selling to customers and everything in between.

If you are just beginning your career or looking to restart after a break from employment, these industries offer many entry-level positions, and many are very flexible.

Again, you will find that many skills in one job are highly transferable to another in these industries. So, if you find that a particular role doesn’t quite fit you can find another opportunity that works better for you and your health.


If you are looking to find a role that fits your particular circumstance have a chat with one of our consultants to see how they can help you.

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