How to find local jobs

Published by MAXSolutions on August 05, 2021
local jobs

Local jobs within your community can be great for people at many different stages of their careers. School leavers looking for their first job, those looking for a career change or shift to part-time, or those that have newly arrived to the area.

Finding local jobs available to you is a bit different to a regular job hunt, so knowing where to start with a local job search is important. Read on below for some tips to help you find the job that fits.

How to find local jobs


  • Join community groups: Finding communities online about your suburbs is another great way to find local jobs. Online community groups will regularly post about opportunities for locals to work and while some of them may be more one-off, it could be a great way to start building relationships that may create long term work.

    There are also plenty of groups centred around a hobby or sports club that could be helpful in your job search. Not to mention great for your mental and physical health.

    Maintenance jobs, deliveries, hospitality work or even support or coaching work could all be found within these groups and close to home.

  • Use council resources: While the local representatives or council might not have a job board so to speak, they will often hold job fairs or similar events to strengthen their communities. These kinds of events are great to network and you never know what opportunities you may come across.

    You may be able to find out about new initiatives that can support job seekers like education programmes, loans or grants. This is a particularly great resource if you are new to the area and have just moved

  • Reach out to your consultant: MAX consultants spend a great deal of their time finding local opportunities and building community networks to provide these jobs to customers. Whatever your personal circumstance, skills, and experience they are there to find a local job for you.

  • Do your research: you may be surprised how many small to medium-sized businesses exist in your local area or the surrounding suburbs.

    You may find that the suburb over has a growing industrial sector perfect for you and your shift to the manufacturing industry.

    Or there might be a new low-rise development dedicated to retail and hospitality that could be just what you were looking for.

    Businesses at this level also generally don’t have dedicated HR teams or job applicant software to manage the hiring process. These kinds of businesses could actually be a great target for the old-fashioned resume drop-off and if you are lucky a chat with the owner.


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