Best careers and jobs for introverts

Published by MAXSolutions on June 24, 2021
best jobs for introverts

Different jobs suit people in different ways. If you have a more introverted personality you may be wondering what are the best kinds of careers for introverts.

The best jobs for introverts depend both on your personality and interests however the following suggestions might help you focus on a career path as well as some advice on using your strengths to your advantage.


What is an Introvert?

An introvert is not simply a person who is shy and softly spoken, in fact, there are four types of introverted personality types[1] that have different strengths and values.

It is important to figure out which you are as not all jobs for introverts are the same.

Sometimes being introverted can seem like a negative when looking for a job against the outwardly friendly and assertive nature of extroverted personality types.

Especially when we think of the common misconception of a socially awkward, quiet, and disengaged Introvert.


Social introversion:  Social Introverts truly value solitude. That isn’t to say they aren’t capable in social settings, just that they excel in a role with small teams where they can develop deep relationships and don’t have to interact with large groups of people.


Thinking introversion: Thinking Introverts don’t have any real issue being around people nor are they drained by social situations. They do however spend lots of time in their own head thinking up creative solutions or self-reflecting.


Anxious introversion: Anxious introverts tend to worry a lot about what has happened or could happen in the future. This worry impacts their ability to work within teams; however, it also empowers their abilities to plan or work within detail-oriented roles.


Inhibited introversion: Inhibited introverts can appear very laid back. They are not quick to act as they prefer to think carefully before proceeding. While fast-paced environments aren’t really the best fit, jobs where observation skills are important to solving big challenges are a great space to use their analytical skill set.


Typical skills of introverts

Introverts are generally more self-motivated and less driven by external rewards such as the praise that extroverts may be more interested in. The act of completing a job to the best of your ability is more rewarding.

Many Introverts can also be highly observant or have great attention to detail. These are valued skills in many fields and workplaces and is definitely something you should include on your resume!

Taking extra time to think decisions through carefully is a valued attribute in many fields. Possibly thinking about staying away from fast-paced environments is going to make work more enjoyable.


The Best Jobs for Introverts

It’s important to remember that when you are searching for a job that you look for one that aligns with your particular personality. As mentioned above there are differences between different kinds of Introverted personality types, and everyone has their own unique likes, dislikes, skills and world experience.


Creative jobs for Introverts

Creative roles can offer a lot of freedom to get on with the job at hand. From writing or editing content for websites and social media to creating videos or other artistic content for marketing in virtually any field. If you have a creative flair and like working within small close-knit teams a job in this industry could be for you.


Analytical jobs for Introverts

Analytical or research jobs can suit introverted personalities quite well with the roles requiring high attention to detail, keen observation skills and the ability to think deeply. Keep in mind, however, many of these types of roles do require a degree in the fields of science or mathematics.


Technology jobs for Introverts

Careers for introverts within the technology sector could be a great fit. While you will be working with a team most roles will have you working mostly with headphones plugged in and typing away. There are many opportunities in Tech with strong growth in the sector and the ability to learn the skills required to get entry-level roles without going to university.

Technology powerhouse Microsoft has partnered with LinkedIn and with the support of the Department of Education, Skills and Employment (DESE) to offer a range of free digital skills resources for for workers and individuals searching for employment.

You can find our article and links to the learning resources here: Preparing for the future: a digital workforce


Trade and construction jobs for Introverts

For those that prefer to create something with their hands a job within the trades industry could be a great fit. The choice of roles also offers something for most interests whether working in nature, working on cars and machinery or building and repairing structures.

These roles mostly have small teams working towards shared goals however a lot of the time you will be focusing on your own tasks. A benefit to working within this field is the ability to work and earn a living while learning on the job in the form of an apprenticeship.


Finance jobs for Introverts

Does getting lost in crunching numbers appeal to you? Then a job within the finance or insurance sector might be great for you. If you are interested in analytical roles but do not want to commit to university this could be a great way to get your foot in the door of data science.

Many, if not all financial services companies, will have entry-level roles that could provide a great career for introverts.


Health jobs for Introverts

Working in healthcare or personal support can be a very rewarding career and the industry is growing rapidly offering many opportunities. It is also is geared towards relationship building on an individual level which can make it a great job for introverts.

If you are interested in a role in the support sector MAX offers training for a Certificate III Individual Support (Disability) that can get your career started in this growing industry.


Hospitality and Service jobs for Introverts

Not all roles in the service industry need to be customer-facing, roles like cleaning and food preparation are always in demand and allow you to focus on the task at hand. You can also find administration, finance, marketing, and technology jobs within the industry if your skill set is better suited to those fields.

If you are looking to get started on your job hunt or you are unsure of where to next, you can always reach out to our friendly consultants that are here to help.


REFERENCE: Grimes, Jennifer & Cheek, Jonathan & Norem, Julie. (2011). Four Meanings of Introversion: Social, Thinking, Anxious, and Inhibited Introversion.

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