What are the benefits of a traineeship?

Published by MAXSolutions on November 22, 2021
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For many young people, first steps into the workforce can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking time. Knowing what kind of job is right for your personality and skillset can be hard. Especially if you are trying to figure out where you want to go in a career and what skills you want to develop.

That’s why a traineeship could be the perfect opportunity for you to explore a career option while learning on the job and getting paid too!


What is a traineeship?

A traineeship is a vocational job where you are trained by a supervisor and learn about the industry while you get paid.

You will start with performing basic tasks associated with your role as you slowly progress to more challenging jobs as you gain experience and knowledge, all while under the observation of a skilled colleague or boss.

You will also undertake some theoretical study that is delivered by a registered training organisation (RTO).

Time will be allocated during your work week for you to go to class or to have some face-to-face instruction from a trainer to go over the finer points of your job.

The qualifications you could attain range from a Certificate II all the way up to an advanced diploma and can sometimes lead to further study in university if that’s something you want to pursue.

Traineeships also cover a huge number of professions in many industries, from hospitality and business to the aged care or horticulture industry. You can even start a traineeship in school and if you complete it before you graduate, are prepared for a job straight after school.


Different types of traineeships

You could get a traineeship in over 700 different occupations so making sure you highlight the skillset that suits your job and industry is key to getting the job you want.


Business traineeships

Working in a business or retail setting will have you developing a wide range of skills to assist you in developing your future career.

There are also many opportunities in a wide array of industries including marketing, business administration, sales and retail or IT.

If you are looking for one of these types of traineeships be sure to focus on your organisational and time management skills as well as your ability to provide great customer service.

It is also important to be specific to the industry you are applying for. If you are applying for a role within an IT business, for example, it’s advisable to add some specific skills relevant to that field in your application.


Hospitality traineeships

Jobs in the hospitality industry are fast-paced and varied. The key skill to possess if you want to enter the hospitality industry is customer service.

Enthusiastic, resilient and energetic are key traits of those within the industry whether you are in the back of the kitchen or mixing cocktails at the bar.

Focussing on these skills in your application is a must and understanding that the hours of a hospitality worker can lead to a different lifestyle as you may be starting work early or late depending on the business you work in.

While there are some trade-offs hospitality jobs are some of the easiest jobs to get while travelling and there are many opportunities to see the world as a young hospitality worker.


Horticulture traineeships

Do you like being outside and getting your hands dirty? Then pursuing a traineeship in horticulture might be for you! There are many opportunities with local state and federal government agencies to help manage Australia’s beautiful but at times unruly environment.

if you are more interested in creating something there are also many opportunities maintaining property or landscaping beautiful new gardens for private residences or businesses.

You need to be fit and have the stamina to last on the tools all day so make sure to communicate this in your application. Having attention to detail and being able to problem-solve are also great skills to highlight when applying.


Aged Care/individual support traineeships

The healthcare and individual support industry are one of the largest employers in Australia and demand isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

If you are interested in working in a job where you make a real difference in the day-to-day life of your customers a traineeship in aged care or individual support could be a great fit.

When applying for traineeships in this field be sure to emphasise your caring nature and strong desire to help people. It could be worth mentioning your attention to detail and patience.


If you are looking for training to get into support work MAX offers courses that can get your foot in the door.

Find out more below:

CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing)

CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Disability)


How can I find a traineeship?

Finding a traineeship depends on your individual circumstance. If you are still at school the best bet is to speak to the careers office about what you are interested in and what you are looking for in a job. They may set you up on a work experience trial so you can get a feel for the role before you dive in.

Once they have set you up you can even tailor your schooling to completing your traineeship in time for graduation so you could go straight into a job after school!


If you are registered with MAX we may be able to find a traineeship perfect for you the first step starts with reaching out to your consultant and having a chat.


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