What is a Job Plan?

Published by MAXSolutions on June 28, 2020
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If you’re new to employment services or to MAX, you may have heard about Job Plans but be unsure exactly what they are. Let’s take at what a Job Plan is and what it can do for you. 

MAX Job Coach and Team Leader Nick Attwood (pictured) from Rosny Park in Tasmania helps bring the Job Plan to life for us throughout. “I love the Job Plan. It’s such a valuable communication tool to use with our customers, especially those new to employment services,” says Nick.


What is a Job Plan?

If you’re currently receiving a Centrelink support payment such as the JobSeeker Payment, you may be required to fulfil mutual obligation requirements. 

Completing and following a Job Plan is part of fulfilling your mutual obligation requirements

A Job Plan basically outlines the tasks you agree to complete in order to demonstrate you are looking for work. It is designed to help you find and keep a job. 

“For many people, their first encounter with an employment services provider like MAX can be daunting, especially in the current context.

“The Job Plan not only explains what is required of them, but also allows them to share their story and create their own path towards employment,” says Nick. 


What does a Job Plan look like?

Your Job Plan will detail any activities you agree to do in order to set you on the path towards employment. This may include:

  • Searching for and applying for a certain number of jobs each month

  • Attending scheduled appointments with your employment services provider

  • Attending job interviews when they are offered to you

  • Undertaking paid work

  • Undertaking skills or vocational training.

You will need to agree to your Job Plan and to fulfilling the requirements outlined. 

“I believe the real power and legitimacy of a Job Plan lies when you think of it as being more as a social contract to establish a positive working relationship between us and our customers.

“That is, a series of choices and expected behaviors set up between us and our customers equally. This determines what can be achieved through a mutual commitment to successfully gaining employment,” says Nick. 


How do I create a Job Plan?

Your MAX Job Coach will walk you through this, identifying your employment goals and the tools, resources and training that will help you to achieve these goals. 

Tailored activities might include work preparation activities, mock interviews/interview preparation sessions or even connecting you with health services that will support you on your journey to long term employment. 


Mark's* Job Plan Story

“In a recent example we had a young customer, named Mark with no real previous work history. Through supported conversation Mark shared his story with us. We learned that while he had a genuine desire to work, numerous barriers affected his confidence and belief he could find a start somewhere. 

“In setting up the Job Plan, we were able to work with Mark to identify the steps he needed to take to set him up for success. Mark committed to demonstrating his organisational skills by attending regular appointments, and self-motivation by committing to actively search for jobs and pursue all interview opportunities.

“In turn, we committed to supporting Mark in his endeavor to overcome confidence issues when communicating with employers. We also offered Mark assistance to obtain his driver’s licence. This meant he was able to dramatically improve his employability. 

“Part of Mark’s Job Plan evolution was the inclusion of an internship agreement. This meant we sourced an employer to provide Mark with valuable work experience in the automotive industry in line with his interests. 

“Through the creation and evolution of the Job Plan, Mark quickly understood that there was more involved in finding work than just handing in a resume and hoping for the best. 

“Rather, there are many factors to consider, and a collaborative approach was going to give him the best chance of success. 

“The Job Plan became our point of reference in creating clear goals and strategies, as well as building trust and developing a strong working relationship,” says Nick.


What happens if I don't follow my Job Plan?

If something in your life changes that makes it difficult to meet the requirements you agreed to in your Job Plan, it is important to contact your employment services provider. Changes might include:. 

  • You get a job

  • You are unwell and can’t fulfil your mutual obligation requirements

  • You are affected by other personal circumstances that prevent you from fulfilling your Job Plan.

Your Job Plan must be current at all times, so it’s important to let us know if anything changes. Advising your employment services provider of changes is part of what you will agree to in your Job Plan.

Under normal circumstances, your payment may be paused if you do not fulfil your mutual obligation requirements, including those things set out in your Job Plan.

“Job Plans are a powerful narrative tool, that can keep our customers engaged, connected and empowered,” says Nick. 

What happens if I don't sign my Job Plan?

Your Job Coach will try to work with you to create a Job Plan that works for you.  

If you choose not to sign, Centrelink will give you two days to consider what is being asked of you. 

If you are unhappy with the Job Plan provided by your Job Coach, you can contact our Quality and Ethics team via the links on this page: maxsolutions.com.au/feedback-complaints

“Job Plans can set the tone with our customers, one of choice, inclusiveness, trust, relevance and action. It is a living document that breathes and grows as we support our customers in their journey towards employment,” says Nick. 

*For the purposes of confidentiality, Mark is a pseudonym.


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