Returning to work as a parent

Published by MAXSolutions on October 04, 2018
Returning to work as a parent



Getting back to the workforce after having kids can be difficult for any number of reasons. 

Maybe you’re worried about finding an employer that understands your needs as a parent.

Maybe you’ve taken some time off from your career and you need to update your skills or study. Or you might need help on adjusting to a new workplace with new technologies.

No matter what you’re facing – you don’t have to face it alone. 

Here are some tips on returning to work as a parent: 


1. Network   

As they say, it’s not about what you know but who you know. The majority of job opportunities will come through your own professional or personal network. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends about opportunities they might have heard of, or people in the industry that might help – the worst they can say is no. But hey, you’d do it for them, right?


2. Go Direct

It can be nerve wracking to cold call people you don’t know. This is where preparation comes in. Make a list of the companies you’d like to work for, then clearly write down what you want to say. This can include saying who you are, why you’re getting in touch with them and are they currently hiring? Try and relax yourself before calling and smile while you’re talking (they won’t be able to see but they will hear it). 


3. Make the most of the classifieds 

Common job sites make it easy to search jobs and apply but that’s exactly why these websites have a 50,000+ database. Check specialised newspapers and industry journals to find more niche jobs that might have fewer applicants. Make your resume stand out by tailoring it to the specific job you’re interested in. Read our tips on resume writing here.


4. Take an online course

Online courses are comprehensive, are often free and help you develop the key skills needed to re-enter the modern workforce. The Advanced Diploma in Workforce Re-entry Skills on is a great place to start. The course takes around 15-20 hours of study time to complete, for which you will receive an official diploma. Try breaking the course up into manageable tasks to avoid being overwhelmed. 

  • Week One: Job searching and planning
  • Week Two: Touch typing
  • Week Three: Customer Service Skills
  • Week Four: Food Safety Skills
  • Week Five: Final Assessment.

5. Speak to your current job service provider to see if you are eligible for ParentsNext services

ParentsNext is a free specialised support service that helps parents with children under 6 to plan and prepare for their future employment. ParentsNext can help you:

  • identify your education and employment goals
  • develop a pathway to achieve your goals
  • prepare for work
  • access services in your local community.

ParentsNext tailor assistance to meet your individual needs and work with a range of organisations in your local area to ensure you get the assistance you need.

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