Best jobs for people with dyslexia

Published by MAXSolutions on April 11, 2022
Best jobs for people with dyslexia

Work can have its challenges no matter what industry you are in, but for the 2 million Australians living with dyslexia, there is an added level of complexity.

Those living with dyslexia can experience difficulties reading and comprehending written instructions which can also impact the ability to communicate through text forms such as email.

If you have dyslexia, you may think it narrows your career options, however people with dyslexia can be found in all types of jobs across all types of industries.

The best jobs for people with dyslexia are therefore no different to anyone else, dependent on your skills, personality and interests. There are some jobs, however, that may fit a little better.

The following five industries offer some great jobs for people with dyslexia and there are also some handy tips below for how to manage your condition better while working.


The best jobs for people with Dyslexia

Health care jobs

Health is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Australia and is also a great fit for strong communicators who are good at practical tasks.

Whether you would like to focus on more communicative roles like social work and counselling or prefer a balance of practical tasks seen in jobs like caring and nursing there is something for everyone.

This field might require some report writing so you may need to work on some strategies to help you manage to get better.


Hospitality jobs

High-energy and fast-paced, jobs in hospitality are great for strong communicators that love dealing with people and have creative problem-solving skills.

Whether you are whipping up dishes in the kitchen, leading tour groups, or working in hotels there are always job opportunities for enthusiastic and adaptable people.


Sales jobs

Another great career for those with dyslexia that love to communicate. Sales roles can be found in almost every industry you can think of. This means that you can have a wide a varied career selling a range of products and services.

You could also try and find a role selling something you are passionate about so you get paid to talk about your hobby all day!

While you will have to keep up with product knowledge, the vast amounts of video content on the internet these days means you have plenty of research available in easier to access forms.


Creative jobs

Many people with Dyslexia tend to be great creative thinkers, if that’s you then maybe a job harnessing your creative side is a great fit.

You can work across visual mediums whether it be designing products, buildings or gardens, customer experiences online or works of art.

It can also give you great job flexibility, particularly if your work can be done online.


Construction jobs

People with Dyslexia might enjoy more physical and hands-on tasks which makes a job in the construction industry a great fit.

There is a great variety in the work you can do depending on your trade and a strong future in the industry with great financial benefits.

Much of the education you receive on the job is oral and much of the documentation you will use has a strong visual focus to make it easier to read.


Tips for people with dyslexia at work

Be upfront – make sure your boss knows so they can put the right supports in place and work with you. You can also tell colleagues that you may share tasks with, so everyone is working to their strengths.

Be organised – The reality is that some tasks may take you more time to process new information. Making sure the rest of your day is organised and running efficiently allows you to take the extra time on tasks they may need it.

Know your words – knowing what industry-specific vocabulary you may come across can help minimise your time spent reading new information. Using a flashcard app to drill them is a great way to make sure you will remember them quickly.

Adjust your environment – Adjust your computer settings so that it’s using an easier to read font. Little adjustments like this can make a big difference on your workday.

Be visual - Try and have important information communicated using more visual forms. Graphs, charts, pictures, or video are different ways to receive information that might make it easier for you at work.

This guide provide an overview of some of the best jobs for people with dyslexia. However, the best job for you may not be on this list. Finding the right fit can require some assistance and the best place to go first is to chat with your consultant about your particular circumstances. 


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