Financial Coaching

Published by MAXSolutions on May 31, 2019
Financial Coaching

Financial stress is sadly becoming very widespread. In a recent poll, over half the people questioned said they were “stressed” about their finances. Yet asking for help can be difficult and knowing who you can trust can be even harder.

Financial challenges can occur at many times in our life - getting married or separating, taking time away from work because of illness or raising a family, buying or selling a home, unusual or unexpected expenses, transition to retirement, redundancy or reduced work hours or the passing of a partner or spouse.

Understanding financial concepts can be very confusing. Our financial coaches provide confidential guidance and support to expertly and respectfully guide you back to financial control.


How can financial coaching help you?

Financial coaching will help you understand and manage your money, by:

  • teaching you financial skills that will last your lifetime
  • creating a personalised action plan to manage your debt
  • informing you on how to approach & negotiate with your creditors
  • giving you practical information on your options and rights
  • providing tools to help manage financial conflicts within relationships


What will happen when you speak to a financial coach?

During your first appointment, the coach will gain an understanding of your current financial position and what is important to you. The focus of this appointment is to identify the areas that require attention and start to create a resolution for you. Financial matters are very individual, so your appointment is tailored to suit your personal requirements.

The coach can work with you on a varied range of topics. Some of those may include:




Budgeting & Debt Management

Financial Education & Information:

General money management

Planning to purchase a home

Stop living pay to pay

Understanding superannuation (general info – no advice)

Adjusting to a change in pay cycles

Transition to retirement/redundancy (general info – no advice)

Job loss or reduction in income

How to find the right finance professional

Bankruptcy/Debt agreement – the consequences and possible alternatives

Understanding investment options (shares/managed funds etc – general information – no personal advice)

Debt reduction ideas

Understanding credit contracts & your obligations

Negotiating with collection agencies

How to obtain a copy of your credit file

Disputes with financial institutions


Divorce or Relationship Separation

Money & You

Repossession of vehicles

Reaching financial goals or milestones

Foreclosure of property

How to stop over shopping


How your money values affect your financial future

Excessive debt levels

Managing financial conflict in relationships

Loss of a partner or spouse


How do I know if I need a financial coach?

If you have been thinking about taking steps to improve your financial knowledge or if you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed by your financial situation, please feel free to call us to discuss how we may be able to assist you.

Disclaimer: This service does not make financial product recommendations, promote any individual financial organisation or approach, or provide personal financial advice on investments or taxation issues. We do not take the place of your solicitor, accountant, financial adviser or any other third party professionals.


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