Jasmine's in her first job and loving it!

Published by MAXSolutions on October 10, 2018
Jasmine's in her first job and loving it!

18 year old Jasmine, all smiles after landing her first job at Workforce Direct Springwood, QLD. 

Workforce Direct has found success with four new hires from MAX Employment Woodridge. Workforce Direct is the link between employment service providers and employers; providing training, negotiating wage subsidies, supplying means of transport and sorting out any paperwork needed to fill vacant jobs.  

Company Director Brian who was in the employment services business for nine years prior to starting Workforce Direct said his business is about making things easier for providers.

“I wanted to take the stress out of labour hire. We do a lot for them, we’ve got the jobs filled and it just works great.”

After securing a contract with a solar farm, Brian needed extra hands on deck to help fill 200 open positions.

“When we got the big job with the solar farm, Chris came on board, he was from a job provider background too and helped do all the wage paperwork. It was his idea to get some interns in to try it out.”

Brian reached out to MAX Employment Woodridge where they organised three internships through the Australian Government’s Prepare, Trial, Hire (PaTH) program, and work experience for one other participant through the National Work Experience Program (NWEP). 

18 year old Jasmine was one of the interns. As her first job out of school, Jasmine was nervous that she wouldn’t be able to do the work required of her.

“When I heard it was an office job I thought ‘I don’t want to do that, I won’t be able to do any of that,” she said.

But Jasmine found that because Brian and Chris were both highly experienced in training staff, she learnt quickly and felt comfortable to ask questions.

“I found out I can do it, and now that I’ve done it, I’ve found I like it,” Jasmine said.

Jasmine said her experience with MAX Employment Woodridge was smooth.

“I loved MAX as soon as I went there. I didn’t have anything as soon as I got there they said they had an internship ready for me to do. Straight away I was into it.”

After four weeks interning, Brian and Chris were so impressed with the girls they hired all four of them. For Jasmine, this was life changing. 

“Before getting this job, I didn’t have anything. I was sitting at home, bored, not able to do anything. Now I have something to do, I can come to work and enjoy myself.”
Brian said it was Jasmine’s keen work ethic that made her a desirable candidate.

“She was keen to get in there, you can’t get enough people like that who want to work.”

As Workforce Direct continues to grow, and helps more people find secure employment, Brian knows his team will continue to grow, too.

“We’ve got to grow, and we like to think the girls will grow with us, the ones that would like to stay.

“They can grow, because there’s a lot of work to be done. I didn’t realise the work involved in keeping an eye on the subs, on the wages and the paperwork. They don’t stop and it’s brilliant.”


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