Understanding job ads

Published by MAXSolutions on October 09, 2018
understanding job ads

When an employer is writing a job ad, they will often use certain words and phrases to describe the position. Understanding job ads and knowing what the employer is looking for is important so you can tailor your application accordingly.

Here are a few examples of some common phrases used and what they mean.


Attention to detail

If a job requires ‘attention to detail’, it needs someone who is able to concentrate on the smaller parts of a task and complete them without error.

This could mean different things in different jobs and in some roles could be quite important if it relates to workplace safety.

It’s worth making sure your resume and cover letter are completely error-free if this phrase is mentioned in an ad.


Communication skills

‘Communication skills’ are important in many roles. If an employer is specifically looking for these skills, they are looking for someone who is able to:

  • Receive and pass along information clearly and effectively
  • Quickly understand instructions
  • Know how to ask the right questions
  • Listen well
  • Read behavioural cues from other people.

Very small team

A ‘very small team’ in a workplace is likely to be tightly knit and will often work closely together. The employer will be looking for like-minded applicants who will gel professionally and personally with the other members.



A ‘self-starter’ is someone who doesn’t need to be told to start a task or shown how to do it. Ideally, you’ll have the enthusiasm and know-how to accomplish tasks on your own.

Fast paced, dynamic environment

This kind of environment requires someone who is quick to make decisions and can meet deadlines. You’ll also need to be able to adapt quickly to changes if they occur.


Happy to pitch in

Someone who is ‘happy to pitch in’ is willing to lend a hand on tasks that might not necessarily be their direct duty or are too large for others to manage. You’ll need to be someone who doesn’t think these tasks are beneath you.


A fast learner

If you’re a fast learner, you’ll be able to quickly understand new concepts, information and ways of working and then apply them to your role.

If you need help understanding job ads or you’re ever unsure of the requirements that are listed, please speak to your Job Coach.

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