Fastest growing jobs in Australia

Fastest growing jobs in Australia

As 2018 is now in full swing, our friends at SEEK took a look back at all the jobs posted last year to identify the fastest growing industries.

Fastest growing jobs in Australia

It might come as a surprise that taking out the top spot was Mining, Resources & Energy with 54% more jobs being advertised this year than last year. Overall, 2017 was a good year to be in the market for a role with more job opportunities being advertised this year compared to last year in 28 of the 29 industries.

On the move

Job Classification: Project engineering 
Industry: Engineering 
Job Growth: 55%
Average salary: $99,541 
Salary Growth: 8.0%

Job Classification: Ambulance/Paramedics 
Industry: Healthcare & Medical 
Job Growth: 42%
Average Salary: $72,565
Salary Growth: 1.9%

Job Classification: Mining – Exploration & Geoscience 
Industry: Mining, resources & energy 
Job Growth: 42%
Average Salary: $101,631
Salary Growth: -2.4% 

Job Classification: Clinical/Medical Research 
Industry: Healthcare & Medical 
Job Growth: 41%
Average Salary: $80,470
Salary Growth: 0.1%

Job Classification: Engineering Drafting 
Industry: Engineering 
Job Growth: 40%
Average Salary: $69,740
Salary Growth: 0.6%


Around The Country 

Western Australia 

Job Classification: Audit – External 
Industry: Accounting 
Job Growth: 84%

Northern Territory

Job Classification: Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
Industry: Trade & Services 
Job Growth: 91%


Job Classification: Nursing – high Acuity 
Industry: Trades & Services 
Job Growth: 55%

New South Wales

Job Classification: Project Engineering 
Industry: Engineering 
Job Growth: 92%

South Australia 

Job Classification: Building Trades
Industry: Building Trades
Job Growth: 134%


Job Classification: Public Transport & Taxi Services 
Industry: Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics
Job Growth: 133%


Job Classification: Account & Relationship Management 
Industry: Sales 
Job Growth: 59%


Job Classification: Architecture
Industry: Design & Architecture 
Job Growth: 161%

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