FAQ: Disability Employment Services

We have compiled dignified access lists for all MAX offices. Many of our sites include a continual pathway at the entrance accessible by wheelchair and handrails on stairs.

To find out if the MAX location near you is easily accessible, call  1800 603 503.

At MAX, we are all about listening to you, getting to know you and understanding your career and life goals. Whatever you need to achieve your employment goals, we’ll walk alongside you.

Most of our offices are located close to Centrelink offices and public transport, but we can provide assistance with getting to your appointments, just ask us.

We take the time to identify any skills you have that can be transferred into the types of work you’re interested in. This can even be skills you use at home and in other areas of life. We also look for any study or training opportunities that might support you to achieve your goals.

We can mentor you through different ways of contacting potential employers, including:

  • Calling them on the phone

  • Applying or making enquiries online

  • Face-to-face visits – we can even attend visits to potential employers with you to support you to overcome any nerves.

We look for employment opportunities that match you and where you want to go.

We go the extra mile for you, provide travel training, health support and even go along with you to job interviews if that might give you the confidence boost you need.

Our support won’t stop when we find you work. We’ll continue to assist you, going the extra mile to understand your new employer and workplace. This could even involve us coming along with you for your first day of work or having supportive conversations with employers on your behalf. Whatever challenges arise, we work with you to overcome them.

With a network of over 150 MAX offices across Australia and connections with employers in local communities, you will have access to available jobs and every opportunity to meet with potential employers, undertake work trials, and secure a job that suits you.

Until we meet with you, it’s difficult for us to say. That’s because, when you are with MAX, together we will work out a DES plan that is personal to you, taking into account your health, situation, skills, abilities and hopes for the future.

It might include things like training and obtaining qualifications, job application support, work experience placements and trials, confidence building and job interview skills.

We can also link you with any local community support programs that will give you the best chance of achieving your goals.