Employing People with Disabilities (6 Types of Jobs for People with Disabilities)

Employing People with Disabilities

Jobs for people with disability are possible to find, no matter what disability that person has.

More and more organisations are creating jobs with people with disability, or harnessing the skills and abilities people with disability have for roles that already exist.

This means great opportunity for people with disability now exist in nearly every industry. Sectors including healthcare, technology and financial are becoming increasingly more welcoming to those with disability.

Finding the hidden job market

Types of jobs for people with disabilities include:

Medical Administration

Working in a medical office or hospital department doesn’t require a lot of physical movement, so it’s great for people with physical limitations. Many employers in this industry value having people on staff that understand and can relate to what their patients go through because of personal experience.

Bookkeeping or financial assistant

Handling financial matters as a bookkeeper or financial assistant can be a great way to keep your mind engaged. Process driven work is great for those who struggle with changing priorities or lack of comprehension.

Pharmacy Services

Like the medical field, pharmaceutical companies also offer opportunities to those with disability who have experience in taking certain medications.

Vocational Counselling

Counselling other people with disability through similar personal experiences can be a very rewarding career.

IT Support

Those with strong technical ability but not as strong social skills may find rewarding careers in Information Technology. Provide front line support to businesses in this ever-growing industry.

Disability Support Work

Why not assist other people with disability find work or improve their quality of life? With the wisdom of personal experience you could provide the support someone needs to turn their life around.

MAX Employment provides services to people with disability under the Australian Government Disability Employment Services (DES) contract and has held National Standards for Disability Services accreditation for over ten years. MAX can provide information and understanding on other regulation and requirements for hiring and working with people with disability.

If you’re thinking “I have a disability and need a job” or would like to find out more information about our Disability Employment Services, you can visit maxsolutions.com.au/disability-employment-services.


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