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Published by MAXSolutions on February 01, 2022
Peter Carbone Belbaker


Peter, 53, has spent many years driving coaches for companies up and down the east coast of Australia.

However, an acute case of Bronchitis in 2016 took a heavy toll. His body struggled to recover, and severe fatigue forced him out of the workforce for several years.


In recent years, Peter’s health has improved and at the start of 2021 Peter connected with Jules at MAX in Kippa-Ring, north of Brisbane. 

Jules is an experienced Disability Employment Services consultant, passionate about getting to know her customers and building quality connections as she supports them in their health and employment journey.


“When Peter first came to me, he had lost a lot of confidence and was concerned that he didn’t have any recent employers to call on to be a referee for him,” says Jules.  
“For me building his confidence and self-belief was very important, and one of the ways I helped with that was supporting Peter into a volunteer bus driving role in the local community,” she says.  

The Redcliffe Community Bus is a not-for-profit organisation providing door to door services to members of the community that allow them to maintain and develop social connections. 

Volunteer bus drivers keep this service running and Jules recommended Peter rebuild his confidence in a voluntary driving role.


This opportunity helped Peter in multiple ways.

Firstly, Peter passed his driving test with Ian Watson’s Driver Training Centre – a screening assessment for all volunteer drivers – with flying colours.

The assessors gave Peter a glowing review, and Jules asked if they would be open to being a referee for him in future job applications. They willingly agreed.


Secondly Peter’s three months of volunteering with the service helped him find his feet as a driver again and grow in confidence. 

“He was very popular with the customers on the bus and the team were very pleased with him,” Jules shares.


This led to the third benefit of the volunteering role – the coordinator at the service was also willing to be a referee for Peter.  

“I was with the Redcliffe Community Bus for about three months and volunteering with them was a stepping-stone for me to get back into full time employment,” says Peter.  


When a driving position opened up at Belbaker Bus Charter in Brisbane, Peter applied with confidence and recent experience and referees to support his application.

Belbaker Bus Charter is the ground transport provider of choice for many schools and education centres, corporations and other groups throughout Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Peter was successful in securing a role in July and is now working full time at Belbaker ensuring students from private schools arrive at school and extra-curricular activities safely and on time.


Returning to full time work while managing his health condition has been relatively easy for Peter. In fact, having a stable job and routine has been part of his ongoing recovery. This includes starting his day as early as 2am to get students to their extra-curricular activities before school. 

“I’ve found having a job helpful in every area. I have been on the improve with my health now my sleeping pattern is more regulated, thanks to the early starts,” Peter says.  


Dedicated to excelling in his role and being reliable for his employer, Peter always shows up early for work.

“I always give myself plenty of time to get to work, and to the depot early to deal with any issues that might arise before the run begins,” says Peter.  



Belbaker Managing Director Adam Baker confirms Peter is an asset at the company. 

“Peter is always early to work and very reliable. We can throw him the hard jobs and can handle it very well,” says Adam.  
“He is always willing to help, able to work on his own and as part of a team – he gets on with everyone here. If I could clone 10 of Peter, I would,” he says.  

As Peter reflects on his journey, he speaks highly of his MAX experience.

“I’ve found MAX to be very professional,” he says, “And especially Jules. I could raise my concerns with her, and she would help mitigate problems and find solutions.”  
“She’s got a caring side, she saw what I was capable of doing and helped me achieve it,” he says.  

We’re so pleased to have been part of supporting Peter back into work after illness and helping him to find the confidence to achieve his employment goals.

We thank Belbaker Bus Charter for partnering with us to give every person, every chance.

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