Access your assessment service dashboard

The PSD-AS schools dashboard allows you to check the current status and progress of referrals that have been made to the PSD-AS. If you need to set up an account, please follow the instructions below.

Set up your master school account

You can set up your account using the link below.

When prompted enter your school's address. For example:, do not enter your personal address.


An email with the subject line "PSD-AS Registration Details' will be sent to the school inbox and you can then login.


If your school account appears to be inactive, please contact Assessments Australia on 03 9678 5100. Our IT team will be able to check the account status and, if needed, reactivate the account. If your account isn't used for 12 months it will become inactive.

Create usernames

Once you have set up the master account, you can add multiple users.


These can be individual accounts and are administered using the master account. If these aren't used for 3 months they will become inactive and will need to be reactivated using the school account. Simply find the inactive user in the dashboard and click 'Inactive'. this will change to 'Active' and they will then be able to login.


If someone forgets or wants to reset their password, this can be done using the reset password link on the login screen.