Providing prisoners with opportunities for the future

MAX Solutions delivers prison-based services in both Queensland and Tasmania providing willing participants with the best chance of successful reintegration following the completion of a prison term.

Employment can be a huge factor when it comes to reoffending, that’s why we focus on giving prisoners the best chance of finding and maintaining employment following their release.

We are proud to work alongside prisoners, developing holistic programs that consider cultural and personal development, helping them realise a more positive future.

Artwork created by Borallon prisoner

Holistic approach at Borallon Prison, Qld

Our holistic range of services at Borallon include employment, cultural and mental health focussed supports. We aim to give prisoners the best chance of transitioning successfully back into society and breaking the cycle of reoffending after release.

  • Employment services

    Services such as workshops on resume writing along with interview, time management and communication skills.

  • Healing arts program

    Participants explore their identity through traditional practices including Men’s Yarning and Healing through Art.

  • Post release support

    Helping prisoners readjust to community life through interactive workshops on a variety of relevant topics.

Employment services at Risdon Prison, TAS

At Risdon Prison Complex, the Time to Work Employment service gives Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander prisoners access to a range of employment services.

  • Employability assessment

    Identifying and working to address any employability challenges participants may face as they search for work.

  • Plan for the future

    Assisting participants to develop a plan for moving from prison to release and on to sustainable employment.

  • Post release support

    Practical employment services to help participants find work following their release from prison.

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