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Traineeships are a way of combining employment and training to develop someone’s skills in a particular job, leading towards a Certified Qualification and ongoing employment. 

A traineeship can provide you with not only competent and employable candidates, but developed people with skills, experience and commitment to your industry.

As a partnership between employers, trainees and the RTO, individuals are able to earn money, learn skills and gain accredited qualifications at the same time.

How it works - traineeship information for employers

Set-up a traineeship

The length of the traineeship will depend on the type and level of the qualification, but you will enter in to a contract of employment for your trainee.

Formal training is delivered by the RTO who will also provide mentoring and coaching to support your trainee, including visits to the workplace.


You will receive an incentive of up to $4000 dollars paid through the Apprenticeship Centres, this in addition to any wage subsidies already in place. 

Whilst the training is funded through State Government, there are some employer contribution fees which you will need to make. The Apprenticeship Centre funding is designed to assist with that cost. Students will also need to make a contribution.

Provide supervision

You will need to ensure there is supervision by appropriately qualified and skilled staff, so that they are able to put their new skills into practice.

Training and assessment will be done in the workplace. As a result, employers play an integral part in the planning, implementation and evaluation of training.

After the traineeship

When the agreed length is over, a new contract of employment is negotiated if you intend to hire the trainee ongoing. Alternatively, the trainee can take their learning and apply for other industry jobs or perhaps continue to further training.

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