Other ways to recruit new talent

If you want to take the first step towards hiring someone, but aren’t sure what’s right for you and your business, then offering someone work experience might be the best way to get started.

There are different programs with different levels of incentive that could give someone an opportunity to learn about your industry, introduce you to potential new employees or find a long term trainee.

Employee happy at work experience placement

Youth Jobs PaTH

PaTH stands for Prepare, Trial, Hire. Employers and potential employees are paid for connecting through the internship. By having a supported period to see if a new employee enjoys the role, employers are also able to see if the person is right for them.

  • Financial support

    Receive $1000 for hosting an internship.

  • Paid employees

    Employees through PaTH receive $200 per fortnight in place of wages.

  • Flexible trial

    A trial can last between 4 and 12 weeks depending on the role.

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Traineeships are a way of combining employment and training to develop someone’s skills in a particular job, leading towards a Certified Qualification and ongoing employment. A traineeship produces not only competent and employable candidates, but developed people with skills, experience and commitment to an industry.

  • RTO training

    Formal training is provided as well as mentoring and coaching.

  • Financial support

    Up to $4000 paid through Apprenticeship centres to support training costs.

  • Range of qualifications

    Different levels and types of qualifications depending on the industry.

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Work for the Dole

Specifically for not for profit organisations or local/state/territory government agencies. As a host, organisations are able to help individuals gain the skills, experience and confidence they need by inviting them to help with project based work in the community.

  • Finish outstanding projects

    Government funding to offset the cost of your project.

  • Range of activities

    From gardening and maintenance to office administration, a number of activities and tasks are covered.

  • Continued support

    Ongoing employment support for those taking part through MAX.

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