Request an Appointment - Health and Disability Services

Already have work?

Talking to a health professional can help you manage your mental and physical health, discuss the potential impact of starting work and help you identify sources of support if required. Having additional support as you start a new job is shown to improve your chances of keeping that job.

What happens during the service?

Our vocational health experts will help you develop a personal and tailored health and wellbeing plan, which may include activities we can support you with here at MAX Employment, or ensuring you are connected to the right supports. With our understanding about employment, we will work with you to implement this plan, to help you identify the right type of work for you, and to then help you stay in that job.

We provide support for

  • Mental and physical health conditions 
  • Drug or alcohol use 
  • Disability services 
  • Pain management 
  • Physical health and strength 
  • Diet and health living 
  • Managing stressors 
  • Low self-esteem or motivation 
  • Low confidence about starting a new job 
  • Uncertainty about what jobs you can do

Who is eligible?

If you have been a MAX Employment customer for more than 13 weeks, you are likely to be eligible to participate in our services. It doesn’t come at any cost to you and is part of our service delivery model to help you maintain employment.

Please use the form below or call 1800 807 505.

This service is not continuously monitored. If life is in danger, call 000. For urgent mental health support call Lifeline 13 11 14.