Understanding Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) and Associated Resources

The resources below have been collated to help with understanding Childhood Apraxia of Speech.


There is a variety of information that can help you broaden your knowledge of supporting children whose ability to produce speech has been affected.

This advice is generalist in nature. Teachers and parents are advised to consult with a speech pathologist for more specific information and to assist in understanding a child’s unique profile of strengths and learning needs.

What does CAS stand for, and why is it sometimes called different things?  
Dyspraxia terminology

This page from the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne summarises common features of Verbal Dyspraxia  
Verbal Dyspraxia

This Special Education Support Service lists general strategies to support students with Development Verbal Dyspraxia (an alternative name to CAS)
General Strategies to Support Students with Developmental Verbal Dyspraxia (DVD)

Apraxia Kids provides Childhood Apraxia of Speech information and resources for families.

Information about a range of other speech and language difficulties can also be found on the Speech Pathology Australia website.
Speech Pathology Australia