Independent health assessments

A health assessment is a clinical observation of an individual’s current capabilities.

The information from an assessment can help decide things such as future care plans and confirm eligibility for government support and funding. 

Our team of allied health professionals located across Australia are positioned to provide health assessment services for a wide range of customers and clients.

The team includes Psychologists, Speech Pathologists, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists and disability specialists. They are ready to assist with a variety of disability assessments, including workplace, functional, cognitive and language assessments.

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Types of assessments

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Assessments for individuals in employment services

The first step for those living with disability and are looking for work may be to get an Employment Services Assessment (ESAT) or Job Capacity Assessment (JCA).

Students with Disability Assessment Service

Assessment services to Victorian Government schools in the categories of Intellectual Disability (ID) and Severe Language Disorder with Critical Education Needs (SLD-CEN).

Our work on the National Panel of Assessors

We provide quality workplace assessment services – Ongoing Support and Supported Wage System Assessments – on behalf of the government for people accessing services.