Points Based Activation System

How the Points Based Activation System works

As part of Workforce Australia you will have an individual points target of up to 100 points per month.

You earn points by actively engaging and participating in tasks and activities to build you skills and progress towards employment.


The tasks and activities can include:

  • a minimum number of job searches (typically five)
  • attending a job interview
  • starting a job
  • education and training
  • obtaining a driver’s license


You can see the complete list of activities and points by visiting the departments information: Points values for tasks and activities in the Points Based Activation System (jobsearch.gov.au)

Depending on your circumstances, the number of points you need to earn will be altered to ensure the plan we agree on with you is achievable. You report your activities via the Workforce Australia portal.

What can I do if I achieve more than 100 points in a month?

If you reach your points target and complete additional tasks and activities during the month, you will earn extra points. These extra points will go into your points bank, for up to half your points target.