How to find the right DES provider for you

If you are looking for a Disability Employment Service (DES) provider in Australia, there is a lot of choice out there. 

That means it can take time and research to find a provider who’s right for you. So before you start searching, it is worth knowing how DES providers can support your employment journey. 

DES Provider

What is a DES provider?

DES providers are there to help you find and prepare for work if you have a disability, injury, mental health or other health condition. They also help employers build disability confident workplaces.

Living with disability or health conditions can be challenging, and everyone’s experience and level of assistance that they require is different. That’s why you need a professional who can empathise, understand your unique perspective and provide the right support to help find you a great job.

What can DES providers do for you?

Preparation: The process starts with a simple conversation. Our placement consultants want to know your story and support your personal employment objectives. We create a tailored plan for every customer, offering a range of support on healthtraining and employment so you can find a career that is a perfect fit for you.

Connections: We are proud to work with a large national network of employers, across a range of industries, who understand and promote the contribution of their employees with disabilities. Our employer partners place great value on the importance of inclusion and are happy to make workplace adjustments to recruit and retain the right employees. With our help, they can provide the right environment to empower you and your career.

Support: We aren’t just here to get you a job, we provide ongoing support on your journey to make your transition back into employment easier. This can take the form of assisting your employer with workplace modifications, additional training or other on-the-job support mechanisms.