Support for you and your business

As an employer, the health and safety of your employees will be at the top of your mind. Balancing employee safety and business continuity is an ongoing challenge for most organisations and in the current situation, is more difficult than ever.

If an employee is a vulnerable person or has been exposed to confirm cases of coronavirus, you should request the employee seek medical clearance from a doctor, work from home or not work during the risk period.

You should stay up to date with contact tracing, communicate with your team and ensure your business meets state requirements such as the use of check in apps.

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Financial support

Access to disaster payments and other financial support

If you operate a business in a region affected by COVID-19, there are a range of financial supports available to support you.


Learn more about COVID-19 government assistance for businesses. 


Disaster Relief Payment


You and/or your employees may be eligible to receive a disaster relief payment. Payments are made to people who have lost work due to lockdown periods. You are able to access payments for each period you are affected. 

Read more to find out if you are able to claim and current regions that are eligible.  Also available in other languages. 

Wage subsidies

The wage subsidy system supports individuals who are in employment services to secure work by supporting employees with a supporting payment to assist with wage costs.

If you are looking for employees and would like to find out more, click here. Please note that eligibility applies.

Qualified health support for employees

Being able to effectively manage teams and the risks associated with COVID-19 transmission is a concern for many employers. Our team at Injurynet can provide a remote nurse triaging service to businesses that are looking to ensure employees have access to qualified medical advice.

The service includes 3 points of escalation. A general advice line, a 24/7 nurse triaging service and the ability to escalate to medical advisors.

You can contact the team on 1300 307 418 or learn more here

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Employee Assistance Program

Some companies use Employee Assistance Programs to provide health and wellbeing support for their teams. This is typically a confidential counselling service that covers everything from relationship and family issues to stress, anxiety and mental health concerns.

Both longer term and temporary fee for service arrangements are available.  If you are interested in an EAP service or talking to our team about what help you could get, please contact 1800 629 277 or learn more here.

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