About MAX

Since 2002, MAX has been a national provider of a broad range of human services across Employment, Health, Training and Community services. 


We are leaders in directly assisting people towards positive life change and passionately believe in our mission to give every person, every chance.


We deliver opportunity.  As MAX Employment, the largest employment provider in Australia, we deliver life-changing opportunities with positive outcomes for both individuals and employers.


We empower people through support. As a Registered Training Organisation, MAX provides vocational, educational and certified training services to individuals across the country. 


Our health services and work under Assessments Australia underpins these services to support people’s individual needs. We provide people with the tools, knowledge and confidence to manage their health, opening up new opportunities. 


We partner with the local community. We work closely with local government, support organisations and employers to bring services to communities in a respectful and culturally responsible way.


MAX. Every Person. Every chance.

Interpreter Services are available

If you would like to speak to us but require an interpreter, we can provide this service free of charge. To speak to an interpreter, use the contact details provided and tell us which language you would like an interpreter for and a contact number.

We will then call you back with an interpreter to follow up your enquiry.
These services are available during office hours only.

Contact us to find your local office


English language and literacy courses

Adult Migrant English Program
If you are a new migrant or a humanitarian entrant, you may be eligible to access English language tuition. The AMEP is designed to give you the English language, numeracy and literacy skills you need to confidently live and work in Australia.
Skills for Education and Employment
SEE gives you the skills you need to move into further study or the type of work that most interests you. If you have difficulties with literacy and/or numeracy which affect your ability to study or find work, SEE can help.